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Studying and the Art of Procrastination

It’s Saturday and I’m stuck in the library *not* studying because, frankly, I’m just not that into it.  Instead there are zillions of things I’d rather be doing which explains why I am so easily distracted (Oh look, something shiny!!) AND why I’m here writing a blog post.  The fact that this is my FINAL set of finals makes it even harder to get motivated.

I still have a few days before my first exam and I justify my distractedness with the fact that in a few weeks I’ll start my bar prep and literally my ENTIRE summer will be spent studying 8-12 hours a day until the end of July.  I deserve a little time to just veg out, right?   Better now than later because once studying for the bar commences, I know I cannot, WILL not, let myself get distracted from the goal.  Burning bar prep days like I’m burning this study day is literally the kiss of death.

Last night I did my obligatory “nesting” in my office.  I came home from the library and my mom had bought me a new bookcase.  I am expecting my stack of bar prep books to show up next week (picture of said books will be forthcoming soon) and so I was stressing out over the clutter in my office and where I’d put this mountain of new stuff once it arrived.  The bookshelf is awesome, but that started a chain reaction.  I couldn’t move in a new bookshelf until I’d vacuumed the carpet and I couldn’t vacuum the carpet until I dusted the furniture.  I couldn’t dust the furniture and not rearrange it.

When it was finally all done most everything was in its place and more importantly, I have a clear desk top.  To study.   Right after I make a trip to IKEA today and get some wicker baskets for the bookshelves because right now there’s a lot of loose paper, letters, envelopes and stuff I need, but don’t need to see. Then I’ll study.

So yesterday I did get more work done than I’ve gotten done today.  That’s also why I don’t feel so bad about taking it easy on myself now.  Being here in this library serves two purposes because besides studying (sort of) I’m trying to find a good place to study all summer for the bar.  This community college is near my home and pretty accessible.  It’s kind of crowded right now, but I attribute that to the fact that they are having finals now as well.  I doubt that there will be too many more suckers like me locked in the library all of Summer 2012.

The differences between hanging out in a community college library and a law library are quite noticeable because people move around in here way more than they do in a law library.  Law students study for blocks of HOURS and DAYS.  We camp out.  These guys here stay for a couple hours max, and they pack up and go do whatever.

They also don’t feel the need to get up and take phone calls outside the library or at all talk in a quiet voice if they MUST take a call inside the library.  Yes, I am that girl that comes into a library as a visitor and shoots people evil looks because they lack library etiquette.  Whatever.  Right now I’m pretty calm.  Let something like this happen further on in the summer or closer to the bar exam and I just might go off the deep end.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I may not even end up studying here.  I’m not yet completely sold on it.  Besides the above etiquette issues I’ve also not found a spot that feels right.  I think the feng shui in here is all wrong—at least for me.  I can’t find one study carrel that doesn’t face the wall and force me to sit with my back out to the middle of the room.  I hate that.  I prefer being in a corner and facing out—preferably facing the door.  I like to see what’s going on in front of me rather than feel like someone can sneak up behind me when I’m deep in thought.  The feel of this room is just backwards to me.  But, I have internet access, it’s close to my home, they open early and stay open late…so, it’s a definite maybe.

Speaking of maybe…maybe I should get back to studying.  Advanced Torts is so riveting!

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