Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Today was my first day back after spring break.  I actually felt a smile cross my face as I walked into the building.  It’s funny how nearly 4 years ago I walked into this same building feeling so incredibly out of place and sure I didn’t belong.  And today, TODAY, I walked in and felt a sense  of calm immediately come over me as I was once again in my comfort zone.

After class, I went straight down to the library and once there I took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of musty law books that I know so well.  The guy behind the counter passed me the key to the closet where all my Westlaw goodies are stored and I commented on his shirt that said, “Nerd.”  He admitted that it was true, he is a nerd and I said, “Good that you know who you are.”  What a silly conversation to have, but it made us both smile, so maybe it’s not so silly after all.  A little smiling never hurt anyone.

Well, I didn’t get finished with my outlining as I wanted, but I got a good chunk done.  I have about another 30% to do, so  hopefully I can get it all done by this weekend.  I did manage to get lots of stuff done around the house.  I finally got my dog to the vet and my kids to the doctor for check ups (not in that order).  I shampooed my carpets, cooked and had some girl friends over for cards, dinner and a mean pitcher of Mexican Martinis.  I needed that time to just veg.

I feel like I got a good sign today about the bar exam:

One of my friends and I were in the library this evening (Note that I stayed in the library from 3-8 pm–just couldn’t get enough of that musty book smell, I guess!) and we started talking about booking a hotel for the bar exam.  Many, MANY attorneys that I’ve asked about this have staunchly opined that it is necessary to stay in a hotel during the bar exam.  Something about there’s enough stress going on that week without adding traffic, getting up late, potential flat tires and dead batteries etc. to the mix.  The consensus seems to be:  find a hotel as close to the testing site as possible; spend the money and save yourself the stress.  So, apparently I’m not the only one worried about where I’ll be sleeping (or not sleeping, as the case may be) during hell week in July, because my friend also had been pondering and surfing hotel sites thinking about booking.

Of course, when we start discussing we immediately have to both get online and see what’s out there as far as location and prices.  The July testing site is in prime DFW area and so the prices are steep.  Oh, and let’s add to the mix that the BLE picked a location where there’s lots of  “other” stuff going on in the same vicinity which means competition for hotel rooms from NON-bar takers.   We were debating whether it was worth it to pay 2x as much for a great location or pay half as much for a good location when I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if one of those hotel purchase websites might not have a good deal.”

I’ve never used one of those “buy first, then find out the hotel name” sites, but in this case I thought it didn’t much matter.  Point is, I want location and don’t care (really) where I stay.  So I plugged in my search:  Find hotel near this address for the best price.  Go.

A few seconds later I get what is supposed to be a “4-star” hotel within a 5 mile radius of my designated address for $66 per night.  Hmmm, it looks promising.  I’m still a bit bothered by the fact that I don’t know what I’m booking, but according to the site’s criteria, any of the sample hotel names they classify as “4 star” would work for me.  It helped too that I know the area fairly well and was pretty sure that the mystery hotel was in fact the same one I’d seen for $149 per night.  My friend, encouraged me (Read:  He had me be the guinea pig!) to book it and see what it was, so I did.

Hot damn!  I hit the jackpot!!  It WAS the $149 per night hotel…the one practically ON TOP OF  the testing site…that has free parking for guests…that I have stayed at MANY times and in which I am VERY comfortable… that I will be able to escape to during lunch breaks and eat/study in peace…THAT hotel.  Yep, that’s the one!!  What an awesome deal!!!

I nearly did…ok, I DID do a happy dance right there in the library.  And my friend promptly followed my lead and booked his room too.  He was flabbergasted that we got such a great deal…less than half of what we would have paid through the hotel website.  Multiple high-fives were exchanged.  I sort of felt like we should have also been wearing “Nerd” t-shirts right about then, but what an immense amount of stress off our shoulders to have this settled and booked.    Definitely, definitely suggest getting this done sooner than later.

So the “sign” I was talking about…I guess the way this hotel thing worked out it’s just a positive thing and starts me on this bar journey with a good vibe.  If I can’t be home during probably one of the most stressful weeks of my life, I’ll at least be somewhere comfortable, safe, accessible, familiar and affordable.  Couldn’t ask for more.  What a blessing.

It’s nearly midnight and by the time I post this, it will be Wednesday morning.  I have a big day ahead of me.  I finally get a chance to put my 3L bar card to work.  I will be presenting two cases to the Grand Jury tomorrow and asking them to hand down indictments.  I am excited and nervous, but I’m prepared and so we’ll just see how it goes.

I suppose it’s kind of strange to say that I’ll gauge MY success on whether or not the Grand Jury issues the indictments and the defendants get prosecuted, but given the facts of my cases, I’m unconcerned about their future legal problems.  My job tomorrow is to get them indicted and that’s what I intend to do.


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I graduated law school in May 2012 and have been blogging about my experience as a non-traditional student since my 2L year. I live over 200 miles from my law school and so I commuted two round trips a week from the beginning. I put almost 1000 miles a week on my car. Law school is crazy. It's even crazier as a non-traditional commuter student, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! I blogged my way through bar prep and sat for the July 2012 Texas Bar exam. Hopefully some of my experiences will help out those taking the bar exam after me. On Nov. 1, 2012, I received my bar results and became an officially licensed Texas lawyer! Follow me as I transition into the legal world as a brand new baby lawyer. I'll try to keep it light and promise to keep it real.

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