My Third Annual Snow-In

ORIGINALLY POSTED 2/9/11–The last two weeks have stuttered along all because of a little snow and ice—yeah right, it was a Texas Blizzard, y’all!! We missed 4 days last week and today, I’m blogging from Dallas during Snow Day #5. While I had good intentions of getting ahead in my studies, not much of that materialized. Reflecting on last week I didn’t fall behind, but I didn’t get ahead either. Instead I got many more hours of sleep than I’ve had in a while which I hope will help me out in the long run. I’m right where I need to be as far as classes, so I’m not worried.

What I am worried about is summer employment. Last week’s DFW ice storm stranded me in north Texas, but I escaped back to Austin just in time for it to hit there on Thursday. Friday I woke up to several inches of powdery snow at home and on the day I had two interviews, both of which were quickly cancelled. That afternoon I wrote new cover letters to the employers and reiterated my interest so that hopefully, they reschedule my interviews. That’s the one thing about summer internships, especially those that pay (which are rare these days), you snooze you lose! I got an email yesterday that one of the employers is rescheduling for this Friday, so I’m looking forward to that.

Today is the second State and Local Government Class that’s been cancelled and I’m bummed. We did manage to have yesterday’s Litigation Drafting class so I now have a new drafting assignment for next Tuesday. Our last one was a group assignment and while there is something to be said about working in teams, it’s often easier to work alone. Either way, getting the job done is essential.

There’s a bit of fun on the horizon this weekend, my boys’ Cotillion Ball got cancelled last week and rescheduled for this Saturday. I’m looking forward to a fun evening as a chaperon getting to watch all these teenagers practice their social graces. Until next time, stay warm!


About LegalTrenches

I graduated law school in May 2012 and have been blogging about my experience as a non-traditional student since my 2L year. I live over 200 miles from my law school and so I commuted two round trips a week from the beginning. I put almost 1000 miles a week on my car. Law school is crazy. It's even crazier as a non-traditional commuter student, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! I blogged my way through bar prep and sat for the July 2012 Texas Bar exam. Hopefully some of my experiences will help out those taking the bar exam after me. On Nov. 1, 2012, I received my bar results and became an officially licensed Texas lawyer! Follow me as I transition into the legal world as a brand new baby lawyer. I'll try to keep it light and promise to keep it real.

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