Gimme a Break!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10/20/10–Today I am exhausted. If I had enough energy I’d petition for a Fall Break, which I hear that some law schools do have. It would be great to have a week to collect ourselves and play catch up. (Just in case you are intrigued by this idea, Dean Short…) I think the perfect time to have Fall Break would be the week of registration. It’s not enough to be consumed in the chaos of THIS semester—let’s add registration for the next semester right in the middle of it all. Sigh. I suppose the process is the same at other law schools, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now. On the bright side, I only have 2 more required classes and then nothing but electives (including bar-tested subjects) after that. Turns out, if I take 12 hours the next three semesters I’ll be done. That’s extremely exciting and terrifying all at once.

I’ve signed up for our Winter Semester which consists of one week courses that are worth one credit hour each. These will take place the week before classes resume in the Spring.  I’m taking Deposition Skills Workshop and am excited to get some hands on training in this area. Other than my first semester, my commuting hasn’t allowed many opportunities for me to practice oral advocacy. I’ve never thought about being a litigator, but who knows, maybe after I start working on this skill it might become my new passion. I’m thinking this course will also look good on my resume and transcript.

Update: Tomorrow the school board votes on the re-zoning plan. There’s a planned protest at the elementary school and parents are being asked to send their kids to school “tardy” so the district loses its federal and state funding for the day. I’ll be at school, but even if I were in Austin, I’m not sure how I feel about this method. I guess if anything, you gotta love the First Amendment and the freedom we have to petition our government in whatever way we believe is appropriate.


About LegalTrenches

I graduated law school in May 2012 and have been blogging about my experience as a non-traditional student since my 2L year. I live over 200 miles from my law school and so I commuted two round trips a week from the beginning. I put almost 1000 miles a week on my car. Law school is crazy. It's even crazier as a non-traditional commuter student, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! I blogged my way through bar prep and sat for the July 2012 Texas Bar exam. Hopefully some of my experiences will help out those taking the bar exam after me. On Nov. 1, 2012, I received my bar results and became an officially licensed Texas lawyer! Follow me as I transition into the legal world as a brand new baby lawyer. I'll try to keep it light and promise to keep it real.

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